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gibbs_abby's Journal

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The Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto 'Shippers Basement
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Why Gibbs/Abby?
Because hot goth chicks and surly ex-marines need love, too.

Why the basement?
Labs and boats—seems like we spend a lot of time in basements on this show.

Bring on the not-Starbucks and the Caff-Pow!
This community is for fans of the television show NCIS and specifically, for those fans who enjoy the thought of Gibbs & Abby together. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but, well. We're 'shippers here. So, yes, romance and sex.

Feel free to talk about episodes, articles, post or link to fanfic, photos, art, icons... the sky's the limit. There will likely be porn here, so be sure to read the ratings if you don't want to be offended. In the same vein, make sure you warn for content rated R & above.

  • Play nice. Or I get out the Mod Stick of Beating About the Head With Modliness© (MSoBAtHWM©).
  • If it has Abby, or Gibbs, or both, it's fair game to post. If it doesn't, don't post it or you will see the MSoBAtHWM© in action.
  • Fanfic should have a standard header, with the bulk of the story behind a cut-tag.
  • Spoilers should be behind a cut-tag.
  • You may tease up to 3 icons outside the cut-tag, but the rest of them should be under.
  • Any graphics over 200K or over 300x300 pixels should go under the cut-tag.
  • If in doubt, put it behind an lj-cut. Need to learn how? Go here.
  • Beware the MSoBAtHWM©. Seriously.

Flexible Squares modifications by lenabee and edited by kernelm. Header and icon by skripka.

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