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NCIS -- Driving me Crazy 11/???

Thanks to Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, David McCallum and all the other for giving life to the wonderful characters of NCIS

Everything belongs to CBS and Bellisarius Productions except for a few things like Shane Caulfield, Randall Hunter, and his son, Lee, Evan McIntire, Thomson Oliver are mine as well as Tanisha and Janet and their background.

For the purpose of the of the rest of the story, let's pretend that the episode "Baltimore" doesn't exist.

I also want to apologize for any spelling and or grammar mistakes

Previously on "Driving me Crazy"

"How is he doing?"

"He seems to be fine, but he doesn't sleep restfully as you may see."

"I've noticed."

"But I thought, you would stay at your place longer."

"I changed my mind. I thought that what I could do home, I could do here too, besides your way better with a computer than I am. " He smirked.

Abby tilted her head to the side slightly, not comprehending what her friend was getting at.

"Open the box." DiNozzo instructed her as he was still holding it.

Abby did as she was told, she held her beverage in one hand and lifted the lid of the box. Her lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw what was in it.

"Tony you are the best!"


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